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Thank you for joining us here.

This is our positive, uplifting, down to earth page about spirituality plus.

We will work with, talk about, and teach from a practical point of view, many of the ideas and principles behind the concepts used in quotes and on Facebook posts. As well as an exhilarating variety of new, fun  and the unexpected. You may shed a tear or laugh out loud.  One thing for sure is we plan to stimulate your mind with the exciting items we have in store for you, starting with

a FREE Blessing which will remain in your computer for your use at any time.

We already have an ever growing directory of sponsors for you.

Currently divided into:


Lymphoedema Related

World Wide Organisations.

Our blogs will be one of a kind, and out of the ordinary, covering a diversity of topics as well as our core topic. 

Practical Down To Earth Spirituality.

We will cover the many aspects of living fully.

Topics such as: Money, Health, Love, Success, Happiness, Spiritual

Readings, Affirmations, Change & Self Empowerment with a view to

Thriving by using Principals.

As a subscriber, you will have unique access to our

Live Life Fully Mind Warmer

A new term coined just for our own extraordinary community of readers here.

Over time, you will also learn a fair bit about me, for it is from my own learning and experiences that I write.

Like life, this is a work in progress. We anticipate things will vary and change as we grow and thrive.

For more information, stay tuned.-

We welcome you to share your thoughts and comments with us, I will read them all.

Please check out the rest of the website, and we will make announcements when something changes.

We will write blogs on many other aspects of life also such as Family, Gratitude, Kindness, Food, Cats & Dogs, Lymphoedema/Lymphedema and of course many of my great loves COFFEE & IDEAS 

Always LiveLifeFully 

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