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SURVIVING VALENTINE’S DAY By – Yittah Lawrence This week, as it is Valentine’s Day, I thought instate a longer blog, you may prefer three personal,  ‘Positive Spiritual Affirmations’ created for you.  From time to time you may notice typos. I will do my best with editing, however small errors may occur.  And I plead for your patience. With early onset Macular Degeneration my choice is to write or not write. I have chosen to write.  My books will have an external editor my blogs will be edited by me.No sympathy required, I still live life fully, I merely tell you this in the name of authenticity … Continue reading

Do this experiment!

Judgement & Blame – By Yittah Lawrence These two thoughts/actions/behaviours often go hand in hand. Many people do not even know when they are being judgmental, or blaming others. Our ability to judge is imperative to our own survival We have needed it as a species to survive through history. Judging the driest and warmest cave to sleep in during the wintertime enabled our species to survive. Judging when to cross a road, is as essential a skill now as that was then. The problem does not lie in our ability to judge, but rather where and how we use … Continue reading


When we forgive someone it is an act for ourselves.  We give to ourselves, and what we give to ourselves is – PEACE OF MIND. Forgiving someone else does little for them, except temporarily allow them to feel they have now fixed their conscience. What it does for us is to give to ourselves, the freedom to live life fully, rather than in an inhibited manner. It removes from our consciousness, the need to be wrought with thoughts of our own fears, anger and frustration. And to heal ourselves from the ongoing results that follow the filling our every area … Continue reading

Who will want to read this? What will I write about?


Who will want to read this?  What will I write about?   The When is easy; Wednesday night is always a little low for so many. Where do I put this after I have written it? How do I find all this out? And Why, Where, How am I doing this again? I remember learning that at school in case we wanted o be journalists … I wanted to be a teacher! Where do I put this?  Many thanks go to Gary Hyman for solving this for me and for helping me with the How Here is the Why : For several … Continue reading