I have kept my promise, secrets have been revealed


Keeping a promise, even if a little late

I have just finished writing this, and assure you not too many of my blogs will be this long.


I promised, and, albeit a little later than I planned, I am doing a little self revealment in this blog.

Many of you already know, I have

  • Several Facebook pages.
  • A Twitter account,
  • Am on Pinterest
  • Google+ (which I am building up currently)
  • LinkedIn (which still needs clarifying and updating.  But of course, I will get there.

So you can see that social media takes up a large part of my day.


First thing is how I came to be involved with

so many different mediums.

Not too long after a move where I lived across the road from the Pacific Ocean   

I moved to the top of a mountain, right in the middle of a shopping centre, still not so far from the heart of the City of Sydney. 

It was so exciting

This new home offered several of the things that were on my vision boards.

Couple that  with my cat Bella, adapting very quickly to the internal stairs, (which meant she would get good exercise) and the cat door which gave her freedom to go out onto a terrace with a nine foot high walls, which ended my concern for her  leaning  too far off the balcony in my last home.


Running up and down the stairs many times a day (I kept a tally one day, it was 23 times) helped to keep me fit also.

Then I applied for a passport to go to China to visit my FRIEND.


I went through sheer hell

Several months of emails, sending money off for records, of  which only a portion was ever returned, with the message and paraphrasing it, it was consistently  — Sorry, this is the wrong department, you will need to go to-

They even sent me to a different country altogether, now the  forth country to go to, as they claimed they had given them all the records on micro-fish which itself was a lie, as I was told by that new country  they were given paper records, and had to update it onto micro-fish  themselves.


Each time it cost approximately $Au140.00+ and a number of weeks.

As I said, the money was not always returned; twice it did not come back. 

However, I was getting sicker and sicker and less able to follow it,   I lost my money twice.

There was even, one point where they informed me that perhaps I was not entitled to citizenship of that country. 


I was blessed in that I had a friend who was studying International Law, and was right at the end of the degree, who told me that this is illegal, they cannot do this, as I have, albeit expired passports and they simply cannot deny my citizenship.

When confronted with this information, Sydney had to agree.  Still, they would not process the passport.

Being legally blind, this entire episode in my life was more stress as it went on for longer, than when my baby had died

The blessing, so to speak, in that was that it was quick, no long term illness and a SIDS (sudden Infant Death Syndrome) death. 

Life goes on

There was a season for grieving,, and then one must  move forward.


Then, something happened with my body, I started to break out of my clothes.

As I started to gain weight at a phenomenal speed, it all seemed so illogical. 

What was happening?

I had not changed my diet, the quantity of food I ate, or the types of food. 

Being allergic to grains, kept me fairly strictly on my eating plan. 

Still I kept growing.

The final straw came when the photo I had handed in to the consulate no longer looked like me. 

Finally, the Consulate, decided to do what I had been begging them to do from the start, go to the office that had the original records from Sydney.


They already had all my information, all my parent’s papers, arrival papers, birth certificates and copies of my parents immigration records..

These papers and records that had now been lost as my parents had died, and another sibling had the records, but who knew where?

It was this other office that simply would not deal with me, sending me on the wild goose change that changed my life forever.

That was the very office that was sending me around the world to try to regroup all the records.

And so the Sydney office told me I could have an emergency travel pass, however, I needed new photos. 

‘I said why?  These photos are fine, they are not old, and you accepted them when I first came to you some weeks ago’

The girl looked at me sadly and said, ‘but you don’t look like this now’.

 I did point out that she knew it was me as I had looked just like the photo when she first started dealing with me.  She looked at me again sadly and just sort of gave a little shrug and told me where to go to the nearest photographer.

So new photos I got.

Well, at last, and with approximately only 2 days to fly out,

 I was given an emergency passport.  Somehow I dragged myself around the City, Chinese Consulate first, Australian Immigration for a re entry visa, and here



The Chinese and Australians, were so helpful, checking things on the spot, getting everything done as quickly as possible, The people at the Chinese Consulate wrote a note for me to hand to people in restaurants, to say I could eat no flour or rice or anything that comes from grain.

I went to Hong Kong & China, had a wonderful time everyone was so kind.


When I went into the consulate a few weeks ago, they told me they had destroyed my file, and all my records are in that same country that gave me the run-around last time!

By now, several of you will have guessed that I had a breakdown of my Lymphatic System. 

Clearly, I was born with Primary Lymphoedema which had never been a problem really, my legs were always a little heavy, I was not much of a runner, but I had Lived Life Fully.

Finally a very kind pharmacist, illegally, as they are not allowed to diagnose, told me he believed I had Lymphoedema. 

After I asked him what that was, he furtively checked to ensure no one could hear us, and he told me.  

He said it looked as if it was Primary Lymphoedema, and asked about my parents.

Later, I realised my grandfather also probably had Lymphoedema.

Knowing what it was, was at last step one to the changes.

I understood it is not fat. 

My food is the right food, and portion appropriate. 

What I needed was the right daily massages, specific exercise and Lymph System specific care. 

This has made a huge difference, and you will all be pleased to know that has resulted in a loss of 4 sizes around my hips and top.   

There is still more to go till I get to my normal size of 8/10 Aust sizing which is small enough to get into designer clothes, and even Japanese designer clothiers.


Never give up. I am so much more than this condition.   

Life is a journey not a destination. 

Anything is possible, and most things are probable if one does not give up.

Baby steps can get one to the top of a mountain.

All sound like clichés?  Perhaps they are but they are all based in truth.

It has taken two years to reduce this much, and I have no idea how long it will take to get back to my own size. Nonetheless, that is where I am headed. 



Well, lying in bed watching television not being able to read – for most of that first year when I did not even know I had Lymphoedema was so horrific, with no future in sight except wait to die. 

Not being so old, or really sick except for what I thought was just weight, I knew that would take a long time.

(Generally speaking, my health is good, I have always eaten well, not consumed too much garbage well, maybe too much sugar J so I did not go to the Doctor).

Me, being me, and having studied Metaphysics, I decided this was no way to live. 

I had to, no matter how difficult, get up and start over to move, and reduce this weight.

I assure you it was baby steps.

I started to come upstairs more during the day.  Stairs, I believe are such a good exercise for Lymphoedema in the legs. 

The movement activates the Lymph Glands in the groin.

As I was barely on Facebook, looking for people I knew spread all over the world; I met up with a cousin I had not seen since we were very young.

She taught me to like all the pages she had liked, since, we were both into the Spiritual, and I would get their posts.

So  I could see more stuff come down in Newsfeed.

Wow … that was good, uplifting and something to look forward to each day.

I explored Facebook, liking so many pages it was amazing.

  I was enthralled.

 I talked to Admins and made some relationships that are still strong.

And, while I could not see the instructions at the top of the computer, I learned about Ctl + & Ctl –

The admin of one page taught me how to put an @ sign to highlight a name, and the admin of another taught me carefully how to do a heart.

I still have not figured out how to do the like sign!

I was getting better, moving a little more, still had not been given the diagnoses, but at least my head was in a better place.

I found John Aasaraf bought one of his programs, read a little, which re established my purpose and my connection with my Higher Self.

But then, to be honest it was getting difficult to read for me, found it too hard to read much more, as my eyes hurt.

It was enough.  As I had successfully completed Practitioner training with Science Of Mind, and knew the basic principles, I was heading now in the right direction. 

Since then, there is so much that John ahs generously uploaded onto YouTube, and that I receive and listen to from his emails, information on Facebook, that I frequently share, that it has enabled me to continue learning.

Now, let’s be real.  I have not stopped at John’s information, What with the abundance of New Thought Information on line, Tapping, and my own Spiritual Practises, and meditations, thankfully I had taught meditation previously. 

However, I could never take from John, the timely way the Universe used him, to assist me.

Good Morning, It Is A Great day was an inspired page.  I went to sleep one night thinking I could run a page, I know enough. 

I woke up the next morning, and he name was free.

That gave birth to Good Morning, It Is A Great Day For Cooking Magic, and to Good Morning, It Is A Great Day for Gratitude and Kindness, roughly one year later

Them eventually, Lymphoedema-Let’s Talk took flight.  That was difficult for me to open, as it was not only confronting, but also I had to stay within all the laws regarding medical practices. 

A Dip. Remedial Massage helps me a lot with the running of that page.

Followed then, by one after another the rest of the pages were born.

So, I have kept my promise, secrets have been revealed.

Now you all know why there are typos from time to time. J  J    

I would appreciate it if you took the time to like this if you have, and perhaps even to share it to any other social media mediums you are on.  Now, that is really coming out!

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I promise to read each one.



From time to time you may notice typos. I will do my best with editing, however small errors may occur.  And I plead for your patience. With early onset Macular Degeneration my choice is to write or not write. I have chosen to write.  My books will have an external editor my blogs will be edited by me.No sympathy required, I still live life fully, I merely tell you this in the name of authenticity & transparency.  
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  1. misbah says:

    thankyou Yittah for sharing your story and secrets . I feel both sad and happy. Truly sad for the loss of your baby and all the troubles you had to go trough to get a passport and your illness. And so happy on your behalf that you have the strength to struggle and fight. Wish you all the succes and happiness. xx Misbah
    misbah recently posted…Cheese Kofta pasta / Oste Kofte PastaMy Profile

  2. ally says:

    Yittah…a beautiful heartfelt story…this is what makes you the wonderful you you are…thank you for sharing…it’s inspirational and motivating and helps build the realness in our cyber friendships…xo
    ally recently posted…~roasted caramelized farm veggies~My Profile

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