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andrew white

Andrew White, Melbourne, Australia. “I bless our friendship and your love, wisdom and spirit constantly inspires and uplifts me in all I do. May miraculous blessings fill up your day.” 





Yuko Onuma, Tokyo, Japan. “I first met Yittah in 1998.  She did her first reading  for me that year. She has been doing psychic reading for me since then, &  for many of my friends through the time also. Yittah has read for my friends, people she has never met.  People who lived around the world from her, who were surprised she tuned out to be correct from so far away. Even when I did not want her to be right, she was, She has helped and guided me and others with patience and love.” 

Glenda Hoath, Queensland, Australia: “I  have known Yittah Lawrence for some years now and have had many readings, which I found to be extremely accurate.  Also she has helped me to help  myself to regain confidence again which I had lost completely. Yittah is a very good listener and straight to the point which I think makes Yittah such a wonderful reader. Yittah has a very  friendly personality and I cannot express how accurate Yittah’s readings are.”  

shirldow2lShirley Dowling, Lugarno, NSW: “I have known Yittah for over 20 years and know that she is a kind and giving person who uses her gift to help others. Because of her amazing accuracy, when I have needed guidance, her advice has empowered me and helped me to move in the right direction for me .”  



carolCarol Freeman, Nambucca Heads, NSW, Australia: I have had Yittah Lawrence read for me for only a relatively short time (about a year) but find her readings to be amazingly (scarily?) accurate.  She gives the good and the bad and both are usually spot on.  When Yittah gives me a reading that has a warning in it I take notice; if it is good it puts me in a happy frame of mind as I know it will also come true. Yittah did a reading for a friend of mine, this friend said over and over again during the reading that Yittah was wrong but…almost all in the reading has eventuated as Yittah predicted; at this stage there is only one more thing to go…   

AngelYogi-studiobluejacket-close-contrastJennifer Angel, Mistress of Astrology.  Yittah’s vision, positive attitude and sense of ‘anything is possible’ is truly inspiring! When I ran the psychic line business in Australia with up to 100 consultants, Yittah not only worked as a consultant on the phone line but managed the phones, and business for me after hours. She was a God-Send.



Yittah’s mother saw her own father’s death while playing cards as a nine year old.  He died two years later.

But that was not the beginning of the family psychic abilities.  Born in Egypt, Yittah comes from a family steeped in the richness of connection with the One Source of all things.

Yittah started to get interested when she was very young, and by eleven, was asking her parents questions they could not answer.  Eventually her father, a very learned man told her there are no answers to the questions she asks.

Later, studying Philosophy at University she found she had been asking questions philosophers had asked for centuries, and now she is experiencing her son, who is studying (reading) Philosophy, learning about these topics and that there are no answers.

Turning to her own intuition,and having lived in the East for a while, Yittah found she could answer the more day to day questions for people far more easily than some of her own.

Yittah has done much study to assist with her work, so she is able to give wider information in her readings. Metaphysics; Medical Astrology; Remedial Massage; Bach Flowers; Reiki 1,2,& 3; Touch for Health; Mahayana Qui Goong level 4; Tai Chi & Hypnosis  and of course many forms of Meditation are amongst those things she has learned.

Yittah has read at the Mind Body Spiritual Festival in Sydney for many years, and worked on International Psychic Lines for about ten years.

With a background and natural interest in business Yittah specialises in business readings, and has read for Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Engineers, People who worked for large Corporations in high positions and Entrepreneurs.

People who have readings with Yittah usually stay as her client over many years,  finding her accuracy to be very helpful.  Even though sometimes, they really do not like what they hear.  After all, one gets a reading for knowledge rather than entertainment.


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