Who will want to read this? What will I write about?

Who will want to read this?  What will I write about?   The When is easy; Wednesday night is always a little low for so many. Where do I put this after I have written it? How do I find all this out? And Why, Where, How am I doing this again? I remember learning that at school in case we wanted o be journalists …

I wanted to be a teacher!

Where do I put this?  Many thanks go to Gary Hyman for solving this for me and for helping me with the How

Here is the Why :

For several years, people have been telling me I ought to write a book.

And, for at least two years now, a blog has been suggested.

So, I have finally given in to pressure from many sides to write a blog.

I had not wanted to do so, thinking I really could not think of anything to write about, then I woke yesterday morning, to the realisation that I can talk nonstop almost, so writing a blog would be a piece of cake.

Once I start, ideas just flow, and I am always grateful for that.

Who will read it? Well, perhaps that is a question that can only be answered in a year’s time.

What will I write about?  I have decided to write on different topics


To keep the name Good Morning, It Is A Great Day as the website is already with that name, even though I will not be posting it in my morning.

  1.  To keep it somewhat short.
  2. To post regularly on Wednesday night my time.
  3. To have a three part blog.

A)  The Main blog – This will cover many topics,

  • some stories from my own past,
  • some of my own thoughts about Life,
  • Food,
  • Health issues
  • General topics, and although not strictly, each blog will be a complete

B) The Wednesday Mind Warmer.  This section will be a metaphysical thought to uplift people mid week.

C)  To add, in no particular order, snippets from my life so that we can get to know one another.  I look forward to your comments yes, even suggestions.

However there is an editor involved, and his word is law for me.  This was part of our conditions from the start.

If you employ an expert, let them be the expert.  No point to buy a dog and then do all the barking.

 From time to time you may notice typos. I will do my best with editing, however small errors may occur.  And I plead for your patience. With early onset Macular Degeneration my choice is to write or not write. I have chosen to write.  My books will have an external editor my blogs will be edited by me.No sympathy required, I still live life fully, I merely tell you this in the name of authenticity & transparency.  


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